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Blue Label CBD - CBD Tincture - Peach and Strawberry - 1000mg-5000mg

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Question: what’s better than a creamy peach flavor in your CBD tincture? Answer: the vivacious taste of fresh strawberries mixed in! This new, naturally flavored CBD product makes taking tinctures fun. The result is a tincture that requires a minimum of fuss and is guaranteed to hit your CBD sweet spot. Blue Label’s Peach and Strawberry Tincture contains 99.9 pure cannabidiol isolate, meaning you get all of the goodness of CBD without any unnecessary variables mucking up the experience. This product has also been lab-tested for purity and has been proven to be free of toxins. Available in 60ml round bottle sizes, and three separate strength levels (1000mg, 2500mg, 5000mg). If you’re looking to make tinctures taste good… look no further!

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