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Urth CBD - CBD Cartridge - OG Relaxed - 300mg

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It’s a fact: everybody likes to relax. Relaxation is an essential part of anyone’s daily routine, and it’s also crucial to maintaining a steady equilibrium in regards to one’s mental health. This new Vape Cartridge from Urth CBD contains trace notes of O.G. terpenes – above all else, it’s designed to keep you “relaxed” and operating at peak capacity. Urth CBD only uses the highest-quality cannabidiol distillate, combining it with customized, naturally occuring terpenes so that it may absorb and take effect as fast as possible. Urth CBD is also committed to using as little in the way of artificial ingredients as possible, meaning you can expect a natural, guilt-free vaping experience from this product. These cartridges are available in single quantities or eight packs.