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Neurogan, Inc. - CBD Tea - 1.5mg (20 Pack)

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For centuries, tea has played an important role in the health and politics of the world. Whether being used in rituals or being consumed for its taste and calming attributes, tea has cemented itself as a staple drink in countries around the world. It only makes sense, then, that such a prevalent, loved beverage would make its way into the world of CBD. However, few could have predicted how successful a pairing it could be. Neurogan, Inc.’s CBD Tea Bags are a mark of excellence for the tea-CBD hybrid. Each box comes with 20 tea bags, and each tea bag contains 1.5mg of full spectrum CBD. This CBD extract is extra effective due to the “entourage effect,” in which multiple hemp compounds join forces to make the effects of each other more prominent.

This product is perfect for anyone desiring a calm and casual way to passively get their CBD boost. At 1.5mg, the CBD content of each tea bag is minimal, delivering a smaller portion of the CBD’s effect than products such as gummies and tinctures. The CBD’s natural flavor is also muted because of its low concentration, keeping it from interfering with the tea flavors that you would be looking forward to. There is no caffeine in this product, making it more of a comfort drink than one intended to wake you up in the morning. Give your body a thirst-quenching treat that you know it will love!

Use these tea bags in the way that you would use a normal tea bag. Remove the bag from its plastic wrapper and place it in your teacup, then fill the cup with 8oz of hot water. Allow the tea bag to steep for 5-10 minutes before taking it out of the cup. Once you’ve taken these steps, your new favorite tea is ready!

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