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Goldleaf Spektrum - CBD Tincture - Natural Hemp - 600mg

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Many CBD aficionados prefer to use tinctures as opposed to vapes or edibles. They’re easy, they’re medically sound, and they’re proven to work. If you’re partial to tinctures, try Goldleaf Spektrum’s new Natural Hemp-flavored CBD tincture, which contains full spectrum CBD oil in addition to MCD oil, natural flavors, and pure stevia for sweetening. There’s no unwanted flavor, and no lingering, unwelcome aftertaste – just the clean and wondrous effects of cannabidiol in tincture form.  Simply place a full serving of liquid under your tongue and hold it there for half a minute, then swallow. This tincture can also be added to your beverage of choice without any unwanted side effects.

NATURAL HEMP  //  Clean & Unflavored

Naturally flavored and lightly sweetened using pure stevia for a smooth & enjoyable experience.

STRENGTH:  600mg (CBD + CBG + CBC + CBN)

VOLUME:  30ml (1 fl oz)


- Full Spectrum CBD Oil
- MCT Oil 
- Natural Flavors 
- Pure Stevia