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Nano Z CBD - CBD Tincture - Full Spectrum Natural Complete Drops - 250mg-1500mg

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Celebrate CBD with these Full Spectrum Natural Complete Drops, a specially formulated tincture from Nano Z CBD. Expertly crafted with all-natural ingredients and rich with phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other effective plant compounds, this tincture oil is the perfect product for use throughout the day. Each slender vial provides you with a dropper for easy application. The oil itself comes in one of two potencies: 250mg or 1000mg of full spectrum CBD, harvested from 100% US hemp, regulated and pesticide free from seed to extract. This product is maximized for quick absorption as well, thanks to the company’s proprietary nanoparticle delivery system. Tinctures already offer the highest bioavailability for enjoying CBD, and this is only bolstered by the way this product is put together. Always third-party lab tested to ensure that you get the cleanest, purest CBD experience on the market. Also available in a Mint flavor.