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Pachamama - CBD Vape Juice - Minty Mango - 250mg-500mg

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Pachamama’s Minty Mango vape liquid has a luscious, sweet flavor that is brisk on the inhale. It comes in a 30 mL bottle and with a choice between two concentrations of CBD, 250mg and 500mg. With a minimum purity of 99% CBD isolate crystals, this product works in most vaporizers and pairs quite well with a busy lifestyle. When you’re looking for a quick respite, free of any psychoactive or drowsing effects, the increased bioavailability offered by vaporizing CBD is unrivaled. And it’s clean. Only quality, nutrient-dense plants are harvested from Pachamama’s Colorado garden and taken to their state certified, food-grade laboratory. They use a proprietary method to first extract the highest quality full-spectrum hemp oil from its Colorado garden, then double-distill to isolate our good friend cannabidiol. Finally, they utilize chromatography to make sure no terpenes or other cannabinoids make it to the party. With Pachamama’s vape juice, you get an abundance of the one molecule you want, alongside the most luscious fruits on earth. Always third-party tested by industry leading facilities. Also available in Grape Berry and Strawberry Watermelon flavors.