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Clear Bright Days - CBD Tincture - Mint - 1000mg

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The summer months can be brutal on the body, affecting your ability to function properly when performing daily tasks. Heat attacks body your body and your mind, slowing you down physically while draining you of your enthusiasm. Sometimes, all you need to get back into the hang of things is a cool flavor to combat the rigors of the day. Clear Bright Days’ Mint CBD Tincture provides you with just the thing, offering a release from the day’s heat in the form of peppermint. Coming in a 30mL bottle, this tincture offers a whopping 1000mg of full spectrum CBD to be consumed at your discretion. We all dream of cold winter days during the 100-degree days of the summer. Now is your time to make those dreams more of a reality.

This minty tincture is an essential product for anyone whose sweet tooth drives them toward the savory treats most synonymous with the winter season. Each drip of the tincture offers effortless passage to a winter wonderland, filled with snow and candy and all the things that make you love the winter months. The bottle itself is small, allowing for it to be stored in a bag or purse and used while out in the heat. The flavor will help you beat that heat, and the combination of ingredients in the tincture may reduce the mental pressure brought on by the sun. The sun can be merciless, but do not let that stop you from enjoying your day!

A dropper is included with the purchase of the bottle and should be used to optimize the tincture’s effectiveness. Fill the dropper with the tincture and drip it into your mouth. For optimal absorption, drip the tincture under your tongue and let it sit there for a moment before swallowing the liquid. Focus on the effects that your body feels in the hour after your first serving before determining what serving size is best for you.