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CBDfx - CBD Device - Mini CBD Wax Pen

by CBDfx
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Dab lovers, rejoice! CBDfx's Mini Wax Dab Pen boasts a heating rod to the atomizer chamber, helping to centralize the concentrate and provide equal heat to the entire surface area you're targeting. This dramatically increases the amount of vapor that can be produced from each hit, creating the most satisfying experience possible.

The pen also features a carb cap up top that recirculates turbulent air around the concentrate to increase the amount of vapor produced at an even cooler temp.

CBDfx's Mini Wax Dab Pen comes with 2 interchangeable 11mm dual core atomizers to offer the ideal hit depending on the exact experience you're looking for. Internally, the ceramic core can heat up incredibly fast, offering a robust hit; while the quartz core retains a more stable and linear heating pattern to provide a more predictably consistent burn. Both atomizers cores are sealed with surgical-grade stainless steel, and feature our patent-pending 1 way anti-leak valve. Finally, a ball bearing system that conducts electricity to the atomizer allows air to flow steadily... without losing out on any melted wax.