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Manitoba Harvest - CBD Tincture - Unflavored Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Drops - 300mg

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Do you love CBD Drops, but hate the superfluous, weird-tasting flavors that sometimes accompany them? Give Manitoba Harvest’s new Unflavored Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Drops a shot. They contain no traces of unwanted flavor, so you can enjoy them on your own or simply add them to a pre-existing flavor of choice for your own style of blending. These drops can be enjoyed on their own, or mixed in with your favorite food and beverage options (Manitoba Harvest recommends salad dressings and tea in particular, since there is no overriding taste). This product has been third-party tested to ensure that it meets the needs of Manitoba Harvest’s demanding customer base. It contains verified levels of non-psychoactive CBD, with no traces of THC.