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Manitoba Harvest - CBD Drink Mix - Vanilla Plant Protein Blend - 165mg

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If you’re someone who works out regularly, or whose gym routine is important to you, then you know how essential protein-based supplements can be. For building mass and getting your gains up, why not try this incredible new Vanilla-flavored, plant-based Protein Blend from the folks at Manitoba Harvest. The protein contained in this product is hemp-and-pea based, with no traces of soy or whey (both of which aren’t great for you in substantial doses). Simply add this drink mix to your non-dairy beverage of choice, or throw it in the blender with your shake or smoothie ingredients (we recommend berries, bananas, or other tropical fruits as additional ingredients). Perfect for a mid-day gym session or after a long, arduous hike. This product is free of chemicals and pesticides, with an organic vanilla taste plus 20g of protein, 2g of omegas, and 3g of fiber per serving.