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Knockout CBD - CBD Vape Juice - Mango - 250mg-500mg

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You love mangoes, but you know that you would be ridiculed for bringing the fruit around with you wherever you go. You learned this the hard way, and it lost you your first job. If only you had some sort of product that gave you the satisfaction of a mango without being so large and impossibly immobile, your problems would be solved. Knockout CBD’s Mango Vape Juice is just the product for you, providing the soft sweetness of the mango without actually being the size of one. This vape juice is designed with your enjoyment in mind, giving you a burst of mango flavor on the way in and a mango aroma on the way out. Each bottle contains 30mL of juice and either 250mg or 500mg of CBD cultivated from organic hemp farms.

The hemp extract in this juice is accompanied by a scientifically determined proportion of glycol and glycerin, two ingredients that are both safe to inhale and greatly beneficial to a vape juice. Not only do they make the vapor more bioavailable and reduce the harshness experienced upon inhalation, but they also give the clouds that are produced greater volume. They will both make the experience more comfortable AND make you look better with larger clouds. Added flavoring gives this vape juice its mango taste and aroma. All of the ingredients in this product are safe to eat, as well as US-grown and toxin-free.

Mango CBD Vape Juice is designed for use with standard sub-ohm vaping devices. Simply fill the tank of your vapor pen with this juice and follow the operational instructions provided by your pen to begin enjoying this tasty mango treat. The juice comes in a squeeze bottle, ensuring that you do not lose any of the juice when you fill up. There is no recommended serving size for this product. To determine your personal serving size, take one pull from your pen and wait for the CBD to take effect. Once you have accurately gauged the effects of CBD that you feel, you can adjust your serving size.