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Lazarus Naturals - CBD Capsules - Full Spectrum - 10mg

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Lazarus Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Capsules - 10mg

If you are looking for the finest full spectrum CBD capsules on the market, then you’ve found just the thing! Lazarus Naturals full spectrum CBD capsules contain high quality whole plant hemp extract that is rich in beneficial terpenes and cannabidiol. To ensure the utmost quality, these CBD capsules are extracted and formulated on-site, and sent to third-party laboratories to test for quality and content. With 10mg of precisely measured CBD, these effective capsules are a fantastic option for those who want to accurately control their serving size with no mess, and no guessing. When quality is the biggest concern, and second best just won't cut it, reach for full spectrum CBD capsules from Lazarus Naturals, and get ready to experience the best that mother nature has to offer.

The CBD industry is flooded with an incredible amount of different CBD brands and products, but none of them provide the quality, purity, and effectiveness found in the awesome full spectrum CBD capsules from Lazarus Naturals. These potent, pre-measured  capsules contain 10mg of super high-quality hemp extract, are non-GMO, and ready to assist you in your pursuit of heath and wellness. Unlike other brands who use animal products in their gelatine CBD capsules, Lazarus Naturals produces a cruelty-free capsule made from all natural vegetable cellulose. With your choice of 10, 40, and 200 count bottles, no matter how regular or occasional your CBD use is, Lazarus Naturals has you covered.

How It’s Made

Lazarus Naturals is committed to producing the purest, most effective products possible, and are well aware that to make the best product, you need to start with the best ingredients. From the moment the hemp seeds are put in the ground to the second the completed product ships to the customer, Lazarus Naturals is right there paying close attention to detail, every step of the way. All of the hemp used in the formulation of these full spectrum CBD capsules is grown on Lazarus Naturals very own farms by highly qualified and experienced farmers who pay close attention to the ethics and sustainability of their craft.

After the seeds have had time to grow into fully mature plants, they are harvested, and moved from the field to a drying location. When the hemp is appropriately dry, it is time for the extraction process to begin. Lazarus Naturals full spectrum CBD is made using an ethanol-based extraction method which pulls all of the desirable compounds from the hemp plant, and results in a cannabidiol, and terpene-rich oil. This extract is then combined with fractionated coconut oil to help accurately dilute it to the desired potency.

Third-Party Tested

The last thing you want in a health and wellness product is a bunch of nasty chemicals. Lazarus Naturals works hard from the beginning to ensure that these full spectrum CBD capsules contain only what was intended and nothing more. Before the 10mg Lazarus Naturals CBD capsules are sent to market, they are first sent to third-party laboratories to undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are free of heavy-metals, pesticides, and any harmful chemicals. The laboratories also test for potency, and provide lab reports that are both fascinating, and provide the customer with the utmost transparency into the quality of these remarkably effective full spectrum CBD capsules.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

The 10mg full spectrum CBD capsules from Lazarus Naturals are formulated with a blend of top-tier CBD and fractionated coconut oil, that is contained in an all-natural vegetable cellulose capsule. The use of fractionated coconut oil in these capsules is just one of the many things that sets them apart from the competitors CBD gelatine capsules. Coconut oil is a healthy fat that contains several medium-chain fatty acids that are known to have a positive effect on the metabolism. By heating up this already powerful oil, it becomes fractionated, and will not turn back into a solid when left at room temperature. Many companies use animal products to create the gelatine used in their CBD capsules, but Lazarus Naturals can do better. Vegetable cellulose acts as the perfect, cruelty-free capsule in the Lazarus Naturals full spectrum CBD capsules, and is yet another reason these capsules stand out as an industry standard.

Customer Reviews

If you want to see just how amazing the 10mg  Lazarus Naturals CBD Capsules are, just take a look at some customer reviews. People all over the country are blown away by the effectiveness, and purity of these impressive full spectrum CBD capsules. Lazarus Naturals cares about the men and women who serve this country, and you can see from the glowing reviews from service men and women. CBD can be an incredibly important part of the day for those who need it, and since there are Lazarus Naturals full spectrum CBD capsules-10mg, why would you settle for anything less? Join the hordes of happy customers, and order yourself a bottle of Lazarus Naturals full spectrum CBD capsules.

These 10mg CBD capsules are filled with their whole plant, full spectrum CBD oil containing a broad spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. This is a great option for customers trying CBD for the first time or who want greater control over their serving size. To keep tight control on their quality, they carefully extract and formulate all of their CBD capsules in house.


  • Full spectrum CBD
  • Available in 10, 40 and 200 count
  • 10mg of CBD per capsule
  • No artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners
  • THC free
  • Vegan
  • Gulten-free
  • Made in the USA
  • Third-party lab tested

Good For: General Well-Being

Form Factor: Capsule

Flavor: Natural

Volume: 10 Count Bottle, 40 Count Bottle, 200 Count Bottle

Total CBD: 100mg (10 Count), 400mg (40 Count), 2000mg (200 Count)

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

CBD Per Unit/Serving: 10mg

Cost Per CBD mg: $0.02 (100mg), $0.04 (400mg), $0.05 (2000mg)

Total Servings: 10, 40, 200

Cost Per Serving: $0.24 (10 Count), $0.39 (40 Count), $0.49 (200 Count)

Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule daily. Swallow capsule whole with a drink of water.

Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Vegetable Cellulose (Capsule), Hemp Extract, Silicon Dioxide, Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, d-Limonene, Natural Ingredients, Beta-Caryophyllene. CONTAINS: Tree Nuts (Coconut).

Spectrum Type: Full Spectrum

Product Lab Report

Customer Reviews

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