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Mint Wellness - CBD Bath - Lavender and Grapefruit Bath Bomb - 35mg

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For many, bath bombs are a great form of relaxation that often feel almost necessary after spending the day out and about, running errands or chipping away at work. The combination of warm water, tantalizing aromas and fizzing additives offers a comfortable experience that aims at bringing you relief as the day nears its end. It only makes sense then to take this comfort and combine it with the effects of CBD. Mint Wellness CBD’s Lavender and Grapefruit Bath Bomb strives to add an extra boost to an experience that has already proven to be very valuable as an end-of-the-day activity. Each bath bomb contains 35mg of broad spectrum CBD, which benefits from its inclusion of other hemp compounds that improve the effects of the CBD itself. 

This bath bomb is great for those who love the aromas of fruits and flowers that are soft, opting to tantalize the senses instead of overwhelming them. The lavender essential oil included in the bath bomb offers the soft, soothing scent of the flower, taking you out of your bath and laying you down in a vast field of lavender flowers. The grapefruit essential oil provides a citrusy, sweet aroma that compliments the lavender scent. Both oils work in part to mask any scent that may come from the CBD, which some may find to be too hemp-esque.

To use the Mint Wellness CBD Lavender and Grapefruit Bath Bomb, first fill your bath with water. You can either enter the water before you have added the bath bomb or you can wait until the product has been properly activated and dispersed. To activate the bath bomb, simply place it in the water and stir it around until it has completely dissolved. The bomb should begin to dissolve quickly, and once it has it will dispense an aroma that is highlighted by the scents of lavender and grapefruit. Lay back, close your eyes and let this CBD bath bomb transport you to a world of your imagining.