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Naked 100 CBD - CBD Vape Juice - Lava Flow - 600mg-1200mg

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You have probably been at work and found yourself daydreaming about being literally anywhere else. This is natural; we come from nomads, our bodies and minds are not fully supportive of spending hours each day sitting in chairs and looking a spreadsheets. Perhaps you’ve dreamed about visiting a tropical island somewhere, collecting fresh fruits and making yourself a smoothie. Naked 100 CBD’s Lava Flow Vape Juice offers the fresh combination of ripe strawberries, pineapples and coconuts that make up the special fruit drink that hasn’t left your mind since you clocked in. Each bottle contains 30mL of juice and either 600mg or 1200mg of full spectrum CBD, depending on the size of the purchased bottle.

This juice is a perfect way to decompress after a long day of typing up documents and attending meetings that seem to go nowhere. You may not have the time to buy a ticket and fly out to Fiji, but you do have the time to fill your vapor pen with this Lava Flow juice and take a flavor trip to the Tropics. Strawberry and pineapple provide the stronger flavoring and dance their way down your throat, while the coconut keeps things running smoothly, tempering the strength of the other two by offering a more basic flavor. All the while, the full spectrum CBD extract is also entering your system and providing you with all the effects that it has to offer.

The Naked 100 CBD Lava Flow Vape Juice can be used the same way as any other e-juice. Fill the cartridge of your vapor pen with the juice and give it a moment to settle. Then, use the operational instructions that are supplied by your pen for consumption. The recommended serving size is 1mL. In order to determine your personal serving size, you should use the pen a few times, waiting 5 minutes between each use and focusing on the effects that the CBD has on your body.