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Krypted CBD - CBD Concentrate - OG Kush Isolate Powder - 1 Gram

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While countless cannabis strains exist and have found popularity across the world, some strains have gained universal following for their desirable contents. OG Kush is one of these, a West Coast strain whose popularity stems from its earthy, citrus flavor. Krypted CBD OG Kush Isolate Powder adopts the tastes of this strain while providing an experience that is purer than most others. At 1g of CBD isolate powder per product, you’ll be receiving a respectable serving of high-quality cannabidiol with each use. Additionally, since the hemp extract is an isolate, you will not be consuming any of the terpenes or other cannabinoids that are usually present in a hemp plant. As a result, the extract itself does not possess a scent, leaving the added OG Kush terpenes to dictate the powder’s overall taste and aroma.

With Krypted CBD’s isolate powders, you are given the option of consuming the product directly or as an addition to your next meal. If you prefer the direct method of consuming the powder via the mouth, it is as simple as placing a portion of it under your tongue. Give the powder approximately one minute to dissolve into an oil before consuming it. This allows for increased bioavailability that would not be achievable through other means. 

For a less direct method of application, you can add the powder to your food. For this, you need to apply some of the powder to the food of your next meal and mix it until it is blended to your liking. It can also be added to your drink and stirred until it is fully dissolved. It is recommended to use this powder with warm drinks, as it will dissolve much faster, but any drink works. Try all of these methods before coming to a conclusion about which is your favorite! 

Once dissolved, this product can also be vaporized and consumed in that way! Krypted CBD’s isolate powder also comes in the flavors of Mango, Sunset Watermelon, White Peach and Sour Diesel.

Suggested Uses: Dabbing is the main use, however Krypted flavored isolates can be dissolved in warm liquids or directly under the tongue. They can also be inhaled using a vaping method.
Ingredients: Blend of USP Kosher grade PG and VG, 99.5% PURE Hemp Isolate, whole plant terpenes