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Kalki - CBD Topical - Menthol Muscle Rub - 500mg-1000mg

by Kalki
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In Hinduism, the 10th avatar of Vishnu, Kalki, arrives on horseback wielding a powerful sword to end this most recent cycle of darkness and suffering. He’s a warrior, galloping into view to thwart forces of evil. Taking its name from this enigmatic, strong hero, Kalki Menthol Muscle Rub is an equally powerful combatant to your nagging issues and stress.  

By combining high quality CBD with cool-on-contact menthol, Kalki’s Muscle Rub works deep into the body to provide relief while also delivering an icy chill topically to freeze away what ails you. With CBD isoterp technology, this muscle rub contains CBD that is extracted from hemp as an isolate, meaning it contains pure CBD and no other compounds or elements. This includes THC, the compound found in hemp that can lead users to feel “intoxicated.” Plus, this high-quality CBD isolate is then recombined with plant terpenes for an added bonus. 

Apply Kalki CBD Muscle Rub on any part of the body, avoiding proximity to eyes as menthol vapors can be uncomfortable. Relax and rejuvenate as this luxurious rub goes to work without a greasy residue. This is an oil-based muscle rub, so use caution near clothing, and store in a cool dry place to avoid separation of the ingredients. 

Kalki CBD Muscle Rub… attack your darkest days with strength and healing.