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Gorilla CBD - CBD Vape Juice - Grape - 600mg-1200mg

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During a hot summer day, what’s the one fruit snack (besides watermelon) that’s practically guaranteed to give you a welcome cool-down? Grapes, of course. Grape savants will be singing the praise of Gorilla CBD’s new Vape Juice blend, which mixes the vibrant taste of concord grapes with entirely organic cannabidiol isolate. This product contains a lab-tested blend of 600mg CBD, mixed with roughly two-thirds vegetable glycerin and a little over a third propylene glycol. This product does not necessitate any pre-required wattage settings and is compatible with any and all vape devices. Please consult your physician before use and keep out of reach of children.

Volume: 30ml Bottle

Total CBD: 600mg, 1200mg