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RSHO - CBD Tincture - RSHO-X Gold Liquid Hemp Oil - 8oz - 5000mg

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Enjoy quality and quantity in this larger sized helping of REAL SCIENTIFIC HEMP OIL-X Gold Liquid Hemp Oil. 8 ounces of maximum strength Gold Liquid contains 5000mg of RSHO’s decarboxylated and filtered CBD oil for bigger servings or to refill RSHO’s smaller bottles. 

While some problems can be handled with a lower potency CBD answer, RSHO knows that there are times when a more aggressive approach is appropriate to get you what you need. RSHO-X is safe, legal, THC-free, and ready to support your mind and body. 

What’s different about RHSO-X?

Known for its refined taste due to the extra filtration process the hemp extract is put through to remove any trace plant materials that might affect flavor, RSHO-X offers the same benefits of filtration in a maximum strength formula devoid of THC, the psychoactive property found in hemp and cannabis. RSHO-X could help elevate your quality of life both mentally and physically.  

Before filtration, RSHO-X Gold Liquid is decarboxylated as well, activating the cannabinoids needed to provide you with relief. To essentially “turn on” the active ingredients believed to provide relief that are found in the hemp plant, RSHO heats and treats their CBD oil to provide you with ready-to-go care.  

RSHO’s CBD Tincture can be taken sublingually or added to your favorite hot or cold beverage.