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Cozy - CBD Vape Cartridge - Dreams - 600mg

by Cozy
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There’s nothing worse than knowing you need a good night’s sleep and being unable to get one. Daytime stress can easily bleed over into our sleeping hours, making it difficult to relax, rejuvenate and restore our minds and bodies for the following day. Let Cozy help you take it easy with their line of vape cartridges containing 600mg of full spectrum CBD. If vaping is your preferred method of consuming nighttime CBD, then let Cozy be your evening provider. Enjoy the tastes and aromas of Cozy Dreams CBD vape cartridge, and let it accompany you as you drift off to sleep. 

Combining full spectrum CBD oil with piney, earthy flavors for use at the end of the day, Cozy Dreams cartridge is the answer to restless nights that lead to exhausted days. With 1 mL of high-quality vape juice in each cartridge, you can enjoy a few puffs of CBD oil whenever you would like. 

Compatible with multiple different batteries, the Cozy Dreams CBD Vape Cartridge is as flexible as you are, helping you get your bedtime CBD just how you like it.