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Dope CBD - CBD Cartridge - Pineapple Express with Terpenes - 200mg-400mg

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This vape pen cartridge contains 200 mg of high-quality CBD, plus it’s blended with terpenes that accentuate the flavor profile that much more! Allow your taste buds to experience the flavor profile of the infamous Pineapple Express strain. This sweet, tropical flavor is great anytime because vape pens are super easy to just throw in your bag, and are ready to go whenever it’s needed. This pen is equipped with terpene infused cannabinoids that are CO2 extracted to ensure that the quality and purity are top of the line.

This Pineapple Express vape cartridge is great for any time of the day because this hemp-based product contains less than 0.3% THC, so you can experience everything you love about this strain without the addition of any unwanted effects from high levels of THC.

DOPE CBD is a company that’s doing everything right in order to create products that people naturally gravitate towards. These cartridges contain full-spectrum CBD oil so the cannabinoids have the opportunity to work synergistically in order to provide you with the highest level of therapeutic benefits. Are you ready to see what DOPE is all about?


Sometimes you just need a little more, and that’s what this 400 mg DOPE cartridge has to offer! This cartridge contains one full gram of one of the most prized strains in the world: Pineapple Express. What makes this vape pen cartridge so special––the addition of CO2 extracted terpenes that provide all the amazing things you love about Pineapple Express without the anxiety that comes along with higher levels of THC. This pen contains some of the highest quality, hemp-derived CBD, so it’s no surprise that they are gaining more and more attention in record times!

DOPE CBD creates all of their products with the consumer in mind at all times, and that’s why you won’t find any of those harmful vape ingredients that we’ve all been warned about! They use the best extraction techniques possible, which is the CO2 extraction process, and this process ensures the purest oil possible and is more environmentally friendly.

If you’re looking for a full gram cartridge of one of the most popular strains in the world––this is it! This cartridge is great for lunch breaks, long car rides, or any other time you just feel the need to take a pull. Seriously, this Pineapple Express cartridge is DOPE––find out why!

Flavor: Pineapple Express

Mood: Relaxed, Happy, Energized

Volume: 0.5ml, 1ml

Total CBD: 200mg (0.5g/0.5ml), 400mg (1g/1ml)

Cost Per CBD mg: $0.10 (200mg), $0.075 (400mg)

Spectrum Type: Distillate