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Delta 9 Gummies - Mango - TRĒ House

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Delta 9 Gummies - Mango - 10mg - by TRĒ House

Crafted with clean, all-natural ingredients, these Mango Delta 9 Gummies from TRĒ House carry a tasty, fruity flavor with 10mg of hemp-derived delta 9 THC per piece! While other THC gummies boast various THC compounds, these THC gummies rely solely on legal, hemp-extracted delta 9 THC for their psychoactive effects, giving adults a chance to experience all the hype of one of cannabis’s classic cannabinoids!

Why Choose TRĒ House Delta 9 Gummies

If you’re new to the world of THC-infused gummies, you might not yet know how many options there are. From a variety of formulas to flavors to cannabinoids, there is a THC gummy for just about any preference. Many of these gummies carry multiple cannabinoids, each one offering its own unique euphoric effect. These Mango Delta 9 Gummies, on the other hand, don’t have any warring cannabinoids—only delta 9 THC. So, they’re perfect for those who’d like a pure delta 9 experience!

**This Product Contains Less Than 0.3% Delta 9 THC Content**

Warning: May cause psychotropic effect. Not intended for use by those under the age of 21.

  • 10mg of Delta 9 per serving
  • 200mg of Delta 9 per bottle
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Vegan & gluten-free ingredients
  • Tastes like delicious mangos
  • One gummy per serving
  • 20 high-potency gummies per bottle
  • Convenient
  • Portable
  • Can get you lifted
  • Made from authentic US-grown hemp
  • Made in the US
  • Under 0.3% THC
  • Third-Party lab tested
Good For Relaxation, Mood Elevation, Body Buzz, Head Buzz, Mildly Trippy
Form Factor(s)

Delta 9 Edible/Delta 9 Gummies

Volume 20 Count Bottle
Total Delta 9
Strain/Flavor Mango
Cost Per Cannabinoid mg $0.175
Serving Size
1 Gummy
Delta 9 Per Unit/Serving 10mg
Total Servings
Cost Per Serving $1.75
Suggested Use

Adults: Different types of THC products absorb differently into the body. When you puff on a vape, the cannabinoids filter through your lungs and into your bloodstream, creating effects in a matter of seconds or minutes. Edibles, like these gummies, are different. THC gummies travel through your digestive system before absorbing into your body, where the cannabinoids go on to produce their psychoactive effects.

How long the cannabinoids take to make this trek varies based on your body composition, height, weight, and other bioavailability factors. Generally, effects from edibles take thirty minutes to two hours to set in, and can last around six to eight hours. But this can change depending on your body composition, height, weight, and other bioavailability factors.

So, if it’s your time enjoying one of these delicious delta 9 gummies, start with the recommended serving—which is one gummy. If you have a weaker tolerance for THC, consider splitting the gummy in half and only taking one half. Then, wait. The key here is patience. You don’t want to commit the classic rookie mistake of taking a second dose before the first has fully hit. Once you’ve felt the full effects of the first dose, you can take more or adjust your dose for next time.

Ingredients Natural Hemp Extract, Terpenes.
Terpenes Unknown
Spectrum Type Full Spectrum
Extraction Method Unknown
Storage Store in a dry cool area, away from light.
Warnings Keep out of reach of children. Consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur. Do not use if tamper seal is broken.
Manufacturer's SKU 810135373098
COA Product Lab Report