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Hopp And Hemp Co - CBD Tincture - Lemon - 300mg-500mg

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Lemon flavor is known to have energy and mood boosting properties when used orally or through aromatherapy, and that’s why Hopp and Hemp Co. chose all-natural lemon flavoring to add to its CBD tincture! Through whole “raw” plant extraction, Hopp and Hemp Co. collects highly effective full-spectrum CBD that contains all the amazing cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds necessary to give you the best CBD tincture experience. 

Hopp and Hemp Co. uses only organically grown industrial hemp from the state of Colorado, a mountainous region known for its exceptional hemp. With so many CBD brands out there, you can be sure with Hopp and Hemp Co. that you are enjoying the purest, most effective hemp-extracted CBD on the market. And if lemon is one of your favorite flavors, this CBD tincture will satisfy your daily need for the nutritive power of CBD as well as your taste buds.

CBD tinctures are great for those looking for a way to calm their mind and body naturally without inhaling anything. Taken sublingually (under the tongue) as needed, this Lemon CBD Ticnture from Hopp and Hemp Co. is an easy, safe, legal, and portable way to give yourself the relief you need. In potencies of 300 mg or 500 mg per 30 mL dropper bottle you can customize your CBD use moment to moment.