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Dixie Botanicals - CBD Tincture - Cinnamon 2oz Dew Drops - 500mg

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If you prefer to consume CBD in its pure liquid form, Dixie Botanicals’ Cinnamon-flavored 2oz. Dew Drop Tinctures are convenient and don’t leave you with the strange, lingering aftertaste of some other tincture products. In fact, the aftertaste is that of hearty cinnamon – which is perfect for the enchanting fall season! Simply use the dropper top and apply the requisite amount of CBD liquid under the tongue for fast absorption twice a day, or blend with your food and drink of choice.

This product contains over 500mg of naturally sweetened and flavored CBD, with just over 4mg in each full half-drop. Contains trace cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Good for use throughout the day or at home.