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Dixie Botanicals - CBD Edible - Kicks Chocolate Chews - 5mg

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Do you crave the taste chocolate while occasionally feeling guilty about the surplus of calories that is part and parcel of a daily chocolate habit? Do you prefer to imbibe CBD chews on the go, as opposed to occasionally more demanding methods like tinctures and CBD isolate powder? If so, Dixie Botanical’s Chocolate Energy Chews from Kicks are just what you need. This is a product that’s got all the heavenly chocolate taste you desire, with a conspicuous lack of sugar and fatty ingredients.

Each jar contains over 30 long-lasting and scrumptious chews – which means no more spending half your paycheck on cold brew coffee or overpriced energy supplements. This product is safe, high in quality, THC-free… and above all, it tastes good! Also available in Sour Apple and Mango Citrus Flavors.