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Magik Beauty - CBD Bath - Cannabis BTX4Hair Capillary Treatment

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Moisturize, nurture, and resuscitate: those are the three key steps behind Magik Beauty’s new Cannabis BTX Hair Capillary Treatment. This patented, customer-approved formula is proven to work wonders on different types of hair, thanks to naturally active ingredients, oil essences, and oil extract taken from the highest-grade cannabis plants. Simply wash with shampoo two to three times a day, then dry with a towel, leaving the hair damp before use. Pour the treatment into a bowl and split your hair into three individual sectors. Apply a healthy amount of the treatment into every sector with a hairbrush… from the root of the hair all the way to the ends (until the hair is saturated) before waiting forty-five minutes to an hour for the product to take effect. After use, rinse carefully with water and blow dry-hair (also into three sectors). For faster use, flat iron the hair using a 450 degree flat iron and make sure the cuticles are completely sealed off.