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Proleve - CBD Tincture - Broad Spectrum Oil - 500mg-5000mg

by Proleve
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Purity and quality are two things Proleve values above all else when it comes to their CBD. That’s why Proleve’s Broad Spectrum CBD oil contains only two things: Proleve’s hemp-derived CBD oil and MCT oil from coconuts. Unlike other tinctures that need to be beefed up with flavors and other unnecessary ingredients, Proleve’s CBD Tincture in Broad Spectrum is as pure as a tincture can get! 

Proleve CBD is derived from industrial hemp grown in the United States. It’s always non-GMO, pesticide free, and never contains any THC. This Broad Spectrum oil is especially good for people who cannot have even trace amounts of the psychoactive properties in full spectrum CBD oil. 

MCT oil, or medium chain triglyceride oil, is an exceptionally absorbent carrier oil that will aid in your body’s absorption of the benefits you’re looking for in high-quality CBD use. Extracted from coconuts, this MCT oil combines perfectly with Proleve’s Broad Spectrum CBD Oil to form a superior tincture in every way.  

Available in potencies ranging from 500mg per bottle all the way up to 5000mg per bottle, you can easily customize your CBD use with the convenient dropper. It’s easy to place a few drops under the tongue, hold there for at least 30 secs, then swallow. Or, simply drop into your favorite hot or cold beverage.