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Select CBD - CBD Capsule - Boost - 33.3mg

by Select
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Having energy can be the difference between completing an accomplished or lazy day. If productivity is important to you, these capsules will quickly become a morning ritual for you! They are sure to give you a CBD boost that you will be thankful for throughout your day! What makes these CBD Boost Capsules by Select CBD work so well? It’s the natural, premium ingredients that each capsule contains. No more having to push through until the end of the day, constantly caught in a fog! 

Natural moringa and yerba mate intertwine their energy-charged characteristics to create a blend of vitality to lift the spirit and allow you to have a powerhouse day! With 33.3mg of organic CBD per capsule, this is a great addition to your CBD lifestyle. Every bottle from Select CBD is carefully inspected by third-party labs to ensure all the ingredients are organic and the best quality. Select CBD knows that you deserve it! Keep this small, compact bottle anywhere on the go with you! Great to keep in a gym bag, car or office drawer - anywhere you think you’ll need an extra boost!


Ingredients: 33.33mg CBD, 75mg Yerba Mate, 75mg Moringa, Coconut Oil (MCT), Gelatin

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