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Knockout CBD - CBD Cartridge - Blueberry - 1000mg

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There are fans, and then there SUPER fans. You know who they are; people who paint their faces the colors of their favorite sports teams or yell at you for liking the wrong TV chefs. Knockout CBD’s Blueberry Vape Cartridge is the optimal product for those you consider themselves berry superfans. The subtle sweetness of blueberry combines with the ease of application and mobile functionality of vaping to produce a juice that seems to get stronger in flavor with each use. Each cartridge contains 1000mg of high-quality CBD, as well as a collection of terpenes and other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant alongside cannabidiol. 

This cartridge is perfect for those who want a serving of blueberries at any time of day without putting in the effort of finding actual blueberries. Vape juice is pre-filled into this product, meaning that you do not even need to fill it before it is ready to be used. Vapor pens in general are the ultimate piece of cbd equipment as far as convenience goes. Fitting in your pocket, they can go with you anywhere and are small enough to not leave awkward outlines that reveal your vape to the world. Discreetness is important to many when it comes to CBD, and this cartridge is an overachiever in this regard.

To use this blueberry CBD cartridge, simply attach it to your vapor pen and follow the operational instructions that are provided by the pen. This is a high concentration product, which means that you will be consuming more CBD per use than other products, so you should take smaller pulls initially to become better adjusted with its potency. To determine your personal serving size, take one pull from your pen and give the CBD a moment to be absorbed into your body. Once you can feel the CBD’s effects, you will be able to decide if an increase, decrease or no change is necessary. Enjoy a blast of bombacious blueberry today!

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