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OG Labs - CBD Vape Juice - Blue Razz - 125mg-600mg

by OG Labs
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You’ve already made CBD use a part of your lifestyle, why not treat yourself to a tantalizing taste of blue raspberry while you simultaneously tackle your woes of body and mind naturally, safely, and legally? OG Labs has specially formulated flavor infused CBD vape liquids to meet your every need!

Blue raspberry flavor explodes onto your taste buds in this high-quality CBD vape liquid! Sweet, and mellow, you’ll enjoy the amazing experience that CO2 extracted (the purest form of extraction) CBD has to offer, along with a delightful flavor with every inhale and exhale. Compatible with any e-liquid device, OG Labs Blue Razz is all about providing you with an exceptional CBD vaping experience. With zero THC, you can also be sure you won’t have any psychoactive effects while using OG Labs CBD Vape to help manage your daily grind. 

Each of OG Labs products is made in the United States under the strictest quality guidelines, and all plants are always non-GMO and pesticide-free. Simply add OG Blue Razz CBD Vape to your favorite e-device on its own, or add it to your other favorite e-liquids for a personalized touch. Plus, in potencies ranging from 125mg to 600mg, you can further customize you CBD vape serving and experience.