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Highmerica - CBD Vape Tincture - Berry White - 550mg

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With so many vape tinctures available on the market today, it can be hard to zero in on one that truly suits your needs. Luckily, Highmerica has developed a spectacular combination of CBD and plant terpenes in a convenient vape tincture. Highmerica’s CBD Vape Tincture in Berry White combines all the plant power of hemp-derived CBD, plus the potent plant terpenes found in the world-renowned Berry White strain of cannabis.

Does the word “cannabis” send you running for the “don’t get me high” hills? Stop running, because Highmerica’s CBD Vape Tinctures are THC and Nicotine free! By extracting the terpenes from the plant, the essential building blocks found in nearly all life forms, Highmerica ensures that you’re getting all the benefits without the psychoactive affects.

Highmerica CBD Vape Tincture combines vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (both USP certified) with its broad spectrum CBD oil to provide you with the very best vape experience. With no alcohol or animal byproducts, this CBD Vape Tincture from Highmerica is a cut above the rest. It’s also diacetyl free, too. No nasty vape ingredients here! Just purity and quality-controlled CBD and Berry White terpenes.

Highmerica CBD Berry White Vape Tincture is compatible with all e-devices.

Ingredients: USP certified Propylene Glycol USP, certified Vegetable Glycerin, Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 550 mg, Strain Specific Terpenes.