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Time Bomb Extracts - CBD Pet Tincture - Bacon - 250mg

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Here, we know two things: we love our animals and our CBD. Let's keep our furry friends happy by giving them Time Bomb Extracts Bacon Pet Tincture. If animals could talk, they’d thank you for this tincture! Sometimes, training our pets can be difficult. Dropping the tincture on their favorite treats is a sure way of keeping them focused on what you need them to do, because the taste is something they’ll love and want! If you want the tincture to absorb quicker, feel free to add some of the product under their tongue. This new way of rewarding our animals with this bacon-flavored Time Bomb Extracts CBD tincture will be a great addition! 

This product is compact and easy to take with you. With 250mg of concentrated, full-spectrum CBD, your beloved animal finally has the chance to love CBD like their owner! Start slow and see how your pet reacts. No two animals are the same so it’s best to get a feel of their perfect level. First, begin with a couple of drops, then boost the serving according to your judgement!

Bacon Pet Tincture isn’t only for dogs! Cats also love the great, meaty taste. Store this Time Bomb Extracts product in a cool, dark place. Nothing to worry about here! This pet tincture is non-toxic and won’t harm our best friends. It has been lab-tested by a third party to ensure each batch is formulated correctly and purely. 

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