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Alpine Hemp - CBD Concentrate - Distillate - 0.5g-1g

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Sometimes it’s the little guy that packs the strongest punch! This 100% CBD concentrate is guaranteed to surprise and excite. A great product for people of all ages and needs, looks can certainly be deceiving. While only available in a ½ gram tin, the potency of the concentrate is much greater than what is found in vape juices and capsules. A portion the size of a grain of rice is more than enough to suit your needs, elongating the life of the tin much further than what would be expected. The concentration is a distillate, meaning that it is almost pure CBD with the exception of a few terpenes. While the product will have a smell and taste, unlike a full CBD isolate, it will not be nearly as prominent as other products. 

This product is best consumed after being vaporized, through the use of either a vapor pen or a dab rig. The inhalation of this concentrate as a vapor is effective in allowing for speedy absorption of CBD by the body. If using a vapor pen, place a small portion of the concentrate into your pen’s cartridge and follow the operational instructions provided by the pen. Similarly, if using a dab rig, place the concentrate into the rig and heat it until its vapors are ready to inhale. In order to determine your personal serving size, wait 5-10 minutes between using the pen or rig and focus on the effects that the CBD has on your body. 

If you do not own a vapor pen or dab rig and do not plan on acquiring either of these items, it is also completely safe for the concentrate to be consumed orally. Simply place a small portion of the concentrate under your tongue and let it sit for 30-45 seconds before swallowing it. This will provide for optimal absorption.