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Alpine Hemp - CBD Capsule - Sleep - 20mg

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Trouble sleeping? Struggling to get the hours of rest that your body so desperately needs before heading back into work in the morning? Alpine’s CBD Capsule for sleep is your ticket to an effortless full night’s rest. One bottle comes with 30-60 capsules depending on the purchased size, each capsule possessing a total of 20mg of hemp extract and 450mg of other ingredients guaranteed to help fix your sleep schedule. Melatonin joins CBD as the product’s one-two punch against troubled sleep, working to regulate the body’s sleep cycle  and offering a refreshed feeling the next morning. Valerian root, a root used for its perceived benefits to our bodies, gives the capsule an additional boost. Lemon balm and passion fruit extracts are added to give the capsule a sweet, fruity taste that’s as appealing to the taste buds as it is refreshing to the body. 

A lack of sleep can be brutal on the body; 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended in order to keep your body in working condition. Everything is affected by your sleep schedule, including your appetite, mood and even your immune system. This product provides a way to fix your schedule and, through the work of a beautiful domino effect, may help improve those other aspects of your life. It is perfect for those who feel like what they are doing now simply isn’t working the way they’d like it to. 

Taking the capsule is easy and requires almost no time out of your day. Simply swallow the capsule whole, with or without water. Only 1 capsule is recommended per day, based on the strength of the product.  After approximately 30 minutes you will begin to feel the capsule take effect. Once you begin feeling it, find a spot in your bed and let Alpine Hemp rock you to sleep.