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Alpine Hemp - CBD Capsule - Fuel - 20mg

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We all have those days where we wake up groggy and unprepared for the day that lies ahead of us. You feel groggy, your brain doesn’t want to function, and human-to-human interaction sounds less like a daily activity and more like a prison sentence. A positive mood and unfettered focus are crucial to the start of a strong, productive day. Alpine Hemp’s Fuel CBD Capsule is designed to aid in starting your day off on the right foot, whether it be your mood, attention span or memory that needs a boost. Each bottle contains either 30 or 60 capsules, depending on the size of the purchased bottle. The capsules contain 20mg of hemp extract that works to provide potential relief for morning pains. 

Everyone struggles to get up in the morning, and no one is susceptible from the grogginess that accompanies the early hours of the day. This product is perfect for those who feel that this grogginess doesn’t fade as the day progresses, leaving them feeling less productive and more anti-social. Hemp extracts are combined with extracts such as Adrafinil to help promote additional alertness and an overwhelmingly positive mood. The bottle can be taken with you on the go, in case you run out of time at home in the morning and need a pick-me-up while out and about. The capsules themselves are small enough to be taken discreetly in public without garnering any unnecessary attention.

Don’t let the mental fog of the morning dictate the entire outcome of your day. Alpine’s Fuel CBD capsule is meant to be taken orally by the consumer. Simply swallow the capsule whole, with or without water--up to your discretion. Determine how the CBD makes you feel in the hour following consumption; everyone is affected in a slightly different way. The serving size is 1 capsule.