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Alpine Hemp - CBD Capsule - Energize - 20mg

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Finding yourself getting tired out halfway through the day and not having a way to rejuvenate yourself? Struggling to make it through eight hours of work and coffee just doesn’t seem to be cutting it? Everyone goes through days like this, but only a select few take it into their own hands to find a solution. Alpine Hemp’s Energize CBD Capsule are designed to help reduce the feelings of tiredness and the lack of focus that follow you throughout your day. Each bottle contains either 30 or 60 capsules, depending on the size of the purchased bottle. The bottles are small and lightweight, allowing them to be taken with you wherever you go. The capsules themselves each contain 20mg of hemp extracts, namely CBD. 53mg of various vitamins accompany the hemp extracts, namely vitamin B-3 or “niacin,” an essential nutrient for humans that may help to boost brain function. 

No day is the same, and some days are bound to feel much longer and more strenuous than others. The brain needs to rest; sometimes it chooses to do so at the wrong time and needs a boost to remind it to work correctly. This capsule is perfect for people who can’t rely on boosts from things like coffee and energy bars to keep them going as the day progresses. It’s blend of vitamins, CBD and natural ingredients makes it a safe option that will help to limit the necessity of caffeine and sugar intake that you would otherwise run into. 

The Energize CBD capsule is meant to be taken orally by the consumer. Simply swallow the capsule whole, with or without water--up to your discretion. Determine how the CBD makes you feel in the hour following consumption; everyone is affected in a slightly different way. The serving size is 1 capsule.