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Select CBD - CBD Capsule - Alert Montel - 50mg

by Select
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Are you caught in a bind and don’t have time to grab a coffee to wake you up? Select CBD understands that times like this call for Alert Montel CBD Capsules. Terpenes are what give these capsules the attentiveness you need for your day. Terpenes boost the effects of CBD, so when Select CBD hand-chooses terpenes based on their ability to make you alert, you know this is going to be an effective product. 

Every bottle is tested by an independent lab to ensure the highest quality. These are very easy to use - just put one in your mouth and swallow it, with the help of a liquid of your choice. Begin with one and wait up to two or three hours before ingesting another to see how you feel! The great thing about this bottle is it’s so compact. Store it wherever is easiest for you to grab when you start to feel the need for a CBD boost! 

There are 30 gel capsules in every bottle, and each contains 50mg of CBD. The natural ingredients that make these capsules so amazing are hemp extract, MCT oil, terpenes, gelatin, glycerin and water. A pick-me-up can become necessary at any time, so make sure to have Select CBD Alert Montel CBD Capsules on hand!

Ingredients: Hemp Extract, Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Oil), Terpenes, Gelatin, Glycerin, and Water

Sizes: 30 gel capsules; 50mg CBD each

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