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OG Labs - CBD Vape Juice - Additive - 300mg

by OG Labs
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If for some reason you haven’t been able to find the exact CBD vaping experience you’ve been looking for, perhaps it’s time to customize. Sometimes things feel better when we do them ourselves. If your independent spirit rules the day, even in the way you consume your CBD products, look no further than OG Labs CBD Vape Additive. This ready-to-use vape liquid additive is the perfect way to up the ante on your CBD intake by supplementing any other e-liquid with this exceptionally pure CBD. Available in 300mg potency, it’s easy to keep track of your CBD intake safely, naturally, and legally. 

By using a CO2 extraction process, the whole plant is processed to leave clean CBD derivative with zero THC (the psychoactive property of the plant.) No need to worry about feeling anything but enjoyment in both mind and body. Many people think that vaping this product is a relaxing experience from the very first inhale. OG Labs products are all produced within the United States, and are quality and consistency controlled to maintain purity of the always non-GMO and pesticide-free CBD. Explore the wide range of OG Labs CBD Vape liquids, or enjoy this addition to another one of your favorites!