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ERTH - CBD Concentrate - 99%+ Pure Isolate - 1000mg

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If you’re the type of crafty person who likes to create and customize your own CBD-infused items, say hello to Erth Hemp’s 99%+ Pure CBD Isolate. In strengths ranging from 1000mg up to 3000mg, you can easily and safely concoct your own personal favorite configurations. 

This CBD Isolate is CO2 extracted from hemp, and is guaranteed to be 99%+ pure. This product can be infused directly into most oils such as coconut-derived MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Almond Oil, or even honey! It can be taken by mouth directly, added to your favorite beverage, or applied topically.

NOTE: When measuring this product, it is highly recommended to use a scale that measures in milligrams (d=.01g) or purchase a 10 mg scooper online.

Volume: 1 Gram

Total CBD: 1000mg

CBD Per Unit/Serving: Varies

Cost Per CBD mg: $0.03

Spectrum Type: Isolate

Extraction Method: CO2

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