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Essence Smokes

Essence Smokes are hemp industry veterans who are passionate about what we do and are excited to bring our premium CBG hemp smokes into the world

Based in beautiful Denver, Colorado, Essence Smokes launched in 2020, when they saw the need for hemp smokes with cannabinoids beyond just CBD. To differentiate their products, they use organic American grown CBG hemp with nothing else added. Add in unbleached hemp rolling papers and biodegradable filters, and you get a wonderful, all-natural smoking experience that delivers a high bioavailability of CBG, all while being better for both you and the environment. They strive to deliver the smoothest, most unique hemp smoke available today.

  • Essence Smokes - Hemp Flower - Premium CBG - 1000mg

    Essence Smokes - Hemp Flower - Premium CBG - 1000mg

    Essence Smokes

    Cannabigerol, or CBG, is known as “The Mother Of All Cannabinoids” because it is the chemical precursor to all other cannabinoids found in the hemp...

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